Sunday, April 14, 2013

Outfit for 4-14-13

Cardigan - Mossimo
Tank - Mossimo
Skirt - Loft
Shoes - Report

I don’t really think the two photos show what I wanted to try and show in this post.  What I was hoping you could see is that by buttoning the top you can tell I have a waistline, and it helps my hips to look bigger.  I don’ think the photos show that very well due to the colors I am wearing, and the slimming effect that black has in photos.  But in real life, it really helps to try and accentuate the skinniest part of your waist.

I have not tried it yet, but I really want a long sweater, kind of tight fitting on the top, and then to wear a belt over the sweater.  I saw the look on pinterest and thought that would work really well to help someone look more curvy.  Part of the thing that I think is odd, is wearing your belt as an accessory, not something to just help keep up your pants. 

In fact, be very, very careful where you wear a belt.  Often when you wear a belt through the belt loops on your pants it unfortunately makes you look bigger than you really are.  The best spot for belts is the skinniest part of your torso.  Which is often much higher than your pants waist.

In real life, buttoning the sweater I wore in the photos helped to do that same thing for me.

Gotta run, love ya!


  1. The top and sweater along with the print skirt is a good look for you.
    A many will typically only think of a belt for its its intended purpose of keeping his pants up. A Lady will see and explore the fashion benefits of using a belt as an accessory.
    Good post

    1. Thanks Pat.

      Yeah, I think the printed skirt is a good look for many cds as it helps to pull the eye down to what is often our best asset, our legs.

      A funny thing about belts, I recently began thinking of them much more as my wife and one of our close girlfriends were commenting to each other how much they dislike belts. I looked at the the two of them and they both had their belts through the loops of their pants, and it was not very flattering; though their outfits were both super cute.

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    1. Thanks Penny!

      I actually am very self conscious of my smile. As a child I did a very odd smile and thought nothing of it until my sister told me it was odd. I then worked to change it, but I still am not 100% happy with it. So thanks for the complement!