Friday, April 26, 2013

Introducing My Wife's Blog

Yes she is a real person.  And yes she is a really beautiful person.  Isn't it amazing that she does not see that?  Or that she at least has a difficult time seeing her own beauty?  Well she is amazing, and amazingly beautiful.

Things between she and I have been quite difficult for some time, as I have recently begun to make clear.  As I see it, she has to find the muchness that was stolen from her by her family.  Anyways, I have already talked way too much about it.  I think it is time that you hear from her.  She has a voice.  A kind of shaky unsure voice, but as is all the rest, a beautiful voice.

Please go visit her at her new home:

She has only recently begun to blog her thoughts.  But the most recent one was her personal account of what happened last Saturday night.  If you have read my version, I think if you want the other half of the story you should go read her version here:


Love ya.


  1. I just visited Jules blog. I think that it is a wonderful thing for her to be able to share her thoughts in this medium. I think that she may find a sense of affirmation. Reading her entries so far has convinced me that she is a wonderful and caring woman. She just needs to realize that she is that wonderful beautiful person.

    1. Thanks Pat. I agree with your assessment.