Thursday, March 28, 2013

Test Driving My New Bra Support

So awhile back I wrote about a new bra support I purchased.  If you missed the post then please check it out here.  I am wearing the garment in the above picture, but I do not think that gives a very objective viewpoint in what this garment does for me.  If you have never seen what my chest looks like without any bra on, then please check out this post.  I have been happy with the results I have achieved up to this point, but having to wear as many items as I do to get the desired look often leaves me feeling more than a little stuffed into what I am wearing.  With this new bra support, I can get great results with two items, my bra, and my bra support.  But I thought I would let you be the judge as to the results.

Here I am in just my regular bra, with the addition of a some cutlets.  If you don't know what cutlets are, then check this out.

Now this picture shows what happens once I add the LoveFifi Women's Elevatrix Bra.

This picture shows what it looks like with the addition of a tank top.

I have worn this for an entire day, for several days in a row actually.  I must say, it was possible, but it did leave some pretty brutal looking strap marks on my back.  It kind of looked as though I had been whipped.  Ahh the pains we must take for beauty huh?  Oh and the bra support comes with two sets of straps and I took off one of the sets of straps to make it a little more comfortable.  Oh and also, I ordered the large size and I think it fits well enough.  Part of the problem is that in order to achieve the desired look, it needs to be pretty snug.  I mean, come on, it creates cleavage out of basically nothing.  It is kind of funny, it kind of inspires me to gain some weight so that maybe I might appear to have a little more going on up top!

That's all for now folks, love ya!


  1. The DuPont Company had an old ad line that read "Better Living Through Chemistry". I would not be surprised if the chemical composition of you 'cutlets' originated with DuPont. I think that they have done a lot of R&D on silicone products.
    Your bra support seems to be an example of outstanding developments in modern engineering. You look great in the tank top.

    1. I totally remember that add line; too funny!

      Thanks Pat.

  2. wowzers! i must say that i love your cleavage! very nice indeed!

    1. Thank you very much. I have worked hard at it.

      Thanks again!