Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Think I Love My New Bra Support

Pictured is the newest item to my female wardrobe.  I just received it last night, and tried it on when I had a moment. Wow, both my wife and I were pretty impressed with the results.

This garment was purchased after some intense searching while I was trying to track down an answer for Penny Clare.  Penny had asked me what the 'bra like' garment was that I use to enhance my cleavage.  That particular item, pictured here, was purchased at a Maidenform outlet store, years ago.  I tried and tried to find the name of that exact same item, but alas came up empty handed.  

But, during my search, Istumbled across this item from Amazon.  I know, it does not look like much from the picture, but wow it does wonders for my enhancement strategies.  I will have to take some updated pictures and share them with you all.  It is quite impressive in what it does with the little that I have to work with.

BTW - during the discussion with Penny a somewhat similar garment, The Diva, came up.  I have owned that item in the past, but did not like it at all.  First, it was overpriced.  Second, it was of poor quality.  Third, it did not really do what it advertises it will.  Fourth - it is made for men, not women.
Further 1 & 2 – I don’t appreciate how some garments made for CDs are more expensive and of poorer quality than garments made for women.  I kind of have a suspicion that some men are taken advantage of because they think they need a garment made for men, and are willing to pay a premium for it.  And further 4 – I am a cross dresser, part of that means that I like clothes that are made for women.  Not clothes that make me look like a woman, but actual clothes marketed to actual women.  Weird?  Maybe, but I don’t really care, this is me and my tastes, if you like it then more power to you!

Okay, now why do I like this type of garment so much?  Number one – it is made for women, for women to enhance their cleavage with.  Number two – it goes on over your bra.  This allows me to wear it with my favorite bra, with my own tiny cutlets.   This type of garment is called a bra support, and that is what it does, it support whatever bra you happen to want to wear underneath it.  Which is quite nice, as I have quite a few bras.

Okay, when I have some updated pictures, I will let you know.  Oh and also all I have done at this point is to try on this item and have it on for about a half an hour or so.  It is a sturdy item, which I have not tried to wear all day yet.  I will update you all about it when I can.

Have a great day!


  1. Hi Nadine!
    I agree wholeheartedly with what you say about clothes sold for cross-dressers. I fear that many really are too timid to just buy the real thing and pay heavily for it...
    I await your road test on the new garment with interest!

  2. Nadine
    Now that you have had your bra support for a few weeks please let us know how things are working out.

    Years ago when I was first coming to grips with my cross dressing desires and trying to share my desires with my wife we bought some mens clothes, undergarments, pajamas that were made from silk or nylon. Since they were really men's clothes they just did not do it for me. I will concede that in some items the difference is at best small and subtle but for me knowing that an item was made to be marketed to women to be worn by a woman makes a difference. I wear pantihose almost every day and from time to time I hear that there will be a market for 'manty hose'. Not for me. Likewise a Scot's kilt. I need my stuff to be womans.


    1. I totally agree Pat. I don't care if it looks like women's clothes, or feels like women's clothes, they have to actually be women's clothes!

      I will try and get my review of this bra support up soon.