Monday, February 4, 2013

Pin Test - Nail Art

I saw a pin on pinterest - which can be viewed here.  I thought I would try it and see what my results were.  Here is documentation of my experiment.

The idea is simple enough, paint your nails with a base coat of black, layer colors on top of that, and then use  a paint brush dipped in acetone to remove portions of the colors.  I changed the original pin a little.  I did not paint the whole nail with the colors, I just painted the ends of them as I wanted the tops of the nails to remain straight black.  Also I don't concern myself with painting within the lines of my nails as I tend to shower after my nails are dry and I will remove the parts that slopped around on my skin.

The supplies I decided to use:

My nails before I started:

After a couple of coats of black:

After a coat of the greenish color: (have I ever mentioned that I am color blind?)

After a coat of white:

After a coat of blue:

And now for the all important - after brushing them with a paintbrush dipped in acetone:

After a clear coat:

After I have showered and cleaned them up a bit:

Final analysis -

Pros - I kind of like the look
        - It was relatively easy (unlike water marbling)
        - My wife really likes the look
Cons - It was time consuming
         - The nails are inconsistently colored
         - It was kind of hard to control the color removal with an acetone dipped paintbrush
I think I could get better with practice.  Overall I like it enough to try it again.  What do you think?

Love ya!


  1. Nadine.
    I like the look but I cannot fathom having the time or patience to do something like this. I have only done my fingernails a few times and then for no longer than an evening.
    I recently had another pedicure and while I did not have the salon polish my toes I did put a nice red brown polish on them while watching the Superbowl.

    1. My toes were first in being consistently polished. I enjoyed that for many years before I would allow myself to wear polish on my nails while dressed as a male. I too would paint my nails for an evening as Nadine and then remove it soon thereafter. Eventually I got annoyed and just left them.

      The time thing - I totally get it. It did take a few hours for me to go through all of the steps of this particular process. I was laughing at myself while doing it.

      FYI - Today is day 6 after painting them and they are still looking good, ie - no chips!