Monday, February 11, 2013

Outfit for Monday 2/11/13

Jeans - Guess
Top - Guess
Black Tank - Mossimo
Shoes - Nine West

Wow surprise surprise, I am in almost all Guess clothes again.  Doing these outfit posts and posting up the brand of clothing that I am wearing really makes me aware of what I am wearing and I can clearly see that I need to branch out in my purchasing of clothes.  I tend to go back to the same places that I have successfully found nice clothes in the past.  I need to be more adventurous in my shopping!

Anyways, I really like this top.  I think it is really good for those of us who are small hipped.  It has the nice frilly flare at the bottom of it and helps to give the illusion of nice sized hips.  I also like the 3/4 sleeve and the small V at the neckline.  The small V also works quite well to help diminish the appearance of larger shoulders.  I have heard that wearing larger breast form will make your shoulders appear smaller, but I prefer to use my clothes to make my body dimensions better.  In the past I have used larger breast forms but I find that they tend to attract attention more so than making my shape look better.

Also, recently on another blog someone wrote that while wearing jeans it is a must to tuck.  While I admit that with certain occasions I will tuck, but most times I do not.  It is far too uncomfortable to be that way for an entire day of driving, and walking, and shopping, and general living.  Generally I wear clothes that do not necessitate tucking.  So, I would have to disagree with whomever it was that I was reading at the time who said with jeans you MUST tuck.

Today this outfit was worn for shopping at Costco.  I never told you of the funny experience I had the last time I went to Costco.  It is a must share, but I will have to leave that for another time!

Love Ya!


  1. Nice outfit Nadine. I must also say that you have a wonderful smile! I'm looking forward to doing a little shopping next month for some new outfits. At least Pinterest has helped out a lot and I'll have a game plan ready to hit up the stores. A shopping haul post might be in order. :)

    1. Thanks Katie!

      Yes Pinterest is an amazing resource. My problem is that everything I seem to appreciate on it is always the expensive stuff. I think Jules and I will be hitting up some consignment stores next weekend so hopefully we can get some nice things at a nice price.

  2. If you want a nice place to shop, and where you can find some really great prices, try Stein Mart - during their sales I am often able to find BCBG for less than $20.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I will have google that and see where one is.