Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Outfit for 2-20-13

Top - Wrapper 
Skirt - Guess
Shoes - New York Transit

I don't think I have worn this top in any of my outfit posts before.  I purchased this on a trip to various consignment stores that Jules and I went on this past summer.  On this trip we headed towards the San Francisco Bay area.  We shopped in San Jose and Fremont mostly.  I wish I could remember where exactly I purchased this particular top, but alas, I do not remember.  What I do remember is that most of the consignment stores that we went to on that trip were great!

We recently went to the Los Angeles area and went to some consignment shops in Long Beach.  Wow what a tremendous difference between the northern and southern portions of this state.  We found nothing good at all at any of the 7 or 8 stores we went into.  Most of the stores we went into were on 4th street in Long Beach and they were all vintage consignment stores.  This really meant, vintage, not necessarily consignment, in terms of designer consignment; more like my grandmother died, and while cleaning out her house I discovered a closet full of her old clothes and thought I would try and sell them.

Now if you have not ever been to Long Beach, Ca.  then maybe you don't know of the large click of retro folks that reside around LB.  Many of the guys and gals around LB enjoy dressing daily in 50's outfits.  They can be super cute, when done well.  Cute dresses, cute hair, cute style.  But not for me.  So Jules and I purchased nothing.  : (  Boo for us!

I wanted to add another picture of this outfit, as this one shows the asymmetric cut to the bottom of the shirt and I just love that little detail.  Oh and this picture shows how hippy this skirt makes me appear.  The skirt is a lightly stretchy pencil skirt and with it squeezing in at my knees it really helps to accentuate what curves I actually do have.  I Love It!


  1. Being from the east I did not know that Long Beach was a 'retro' town. At my age I do like the styles from that era although my most partial style is the business woman's suit. Dressing in the garb of the 1950s to 1980s would be fun.
    I think that these are your best photos yet. It is nice to see your face and your figure pans out well in that top with the skirt, hose and heels. This is a great style for you. As a rule I tend to avoid things that lack symmetry but I think that the slightly off kilter hem on the top does work well.

    1. Thanks Pat!

      Wow, best photos yet? Thanks for the giant complement. I appreciate it. It is surprising to me that these photos turned out at all. We had to experiment with taking them as we did not have our regular camera.

      I really like the look of 50's, if done well. Apparently I just have not found the right clothes yet to be able to pull it off.

      Thanks for the compliments!

  2. Pat is right. That is a very flattering look for you!

    1. Thank you Leslie. I too think the outfit is nice.

  3. Hi Nadine,
    These photos really show why your slim 'boyish' profile works for you. I'm quite jealous! 8-)

    1. Thanks Penny. I grew up a swimmer and was always jealous of the bigger giys. I always have felt small, and as of late I finally love that about myself.