Monday, January 14, 2013

Outfit for Monday 1-14-13 - Love the Boots!

Sweater - Moreno
Jeans - Guess
White & Black Top - Guess
Boots - Nine West

Hmm... I think I see some themes in my outfits.  Guess and Nine West anyone?  Okay, you are right, that theme is there, but it is not my fault that Guess makes such nice clothes, that flatter my body type wonderfully and that Nine West makes such cute shoes.  Ooh, and very importantly, both of these shops are at most of the outlet malls that I frequent and further more, the prices are fairly reasonable.  Think I have justified my choices enough?  I do, so let's move on.

The boots:

I love these boots but I have a difficult time of wearing them.  They are difficult for me to wear as they have a rather small toe box.  The length of the shoes is fine, but they squeeze around my feet a bit.  But if they did not have that small toe box then I don't know if I would like them as much.  Initially when I bought them I was so, so, about them due to the rounded toe.  But as time has gone on, I have found I really like the rounded toe.  I mean come on, look at how tiny it makes my feet appear.  Now I don't have really big feet in the first place.  I wear a 9.5 in ladies.  But after wearing these cute little boots all day yesterday I went home and tried on a different pair of shoes, with a large pointy toe, and WOW my feet looked huge!

I think I heard someone at some point remark that if you wear larger than a size 9 shoes then you should avoid pointy toes.  I think I am starting to be of that opinion as well.  Interesting as I have many a pointy toe shoe.

I still have not gotten around to sharing the 2nd half of my exciting new years eve evening.  I told you the first part, in the previous post.  The second part is that I shared with A & B what I look like while dressed as Nadine.  It was quite interesting and deserves its own post.

So until then folk, take care.  Love Ya!


  1. I like the boots and the shape of the toe and heel. I agree that larger feet do better in round toe shoes.
    You are fortunate that you can wear a 9.5. I think that my proper girl size would be 11.5 but this size does not exist. 12s look real big on my feet and 11s are always a question mark on fit.

    1. Thanks Pat. I do agree that I am very fortunate to have the shoe size that I have. I find it kind of amusing actually because before I actually allowed myself to cross dress I was always kind of bummed about having smallish feet for a guy.

      I have the greatest to sorrows for anyone that can't just walk into any particular shoe store and find their size just sitting on the shelf.