Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Outcomes of Choices

Awhile back some of you may remember my post about the camping trip I went on.  If you do not, a small recap - Jules and I went camping with another couple, A & B.  During our camping trip I decided to divulge my secret life as a cross dresser.

We have hung out with them several times since that camping trip but nothing about me cross dressing has come up during that time period.  Really nothing at all had changed with them knowing what I like to do, which was nice.  It was nice knowing that I could tell friends and my world wouldn't end.  Life went on.

For this past New Years Eve Jules and I luckily got to spend the evening with A & B alone.  I think it may have been the first time since the camping trip.

During the evening A & B stumbled a couple of times over their words, indicating they obviously had something they were considering telling us.  Over a short period of time, it came out. B divulged something to Jules and I that he had not told anyone except for his wife.  B told us that his reasoning behind telling us had been my honesty with my cross dressing.

It was an amazing display of honesty and openness.  Jules and I were very touched.   B made it very clear that he has told no one else except for his wife, and I will not divulge what he said here, or to anyone, ever.

What is important to mention on this blog is that instead of ruining my life, my honesty has brought me much closer to good people.  And further more my honesty has helped others to be more comfortable and secure in who they are.


  1. This is just so wonderful Nadine.
    We all worry so much, yet this last paragraph says it all. You gave your friends a gift and they are returning it.

    1. Thank you Halle. I do believe that the majority of humans worry way too much about things that will never ever come true.

  2. I consider myself to be a fairly open and honest person. The only person that know of my dressing is my wife. If someone as generally open and honest as me has kept a secret from the many people that I know then I think it is a safe bet that others have kept secrets from me.

    Your candor has helped a good friend be open and honest to you and your wife. Good job.


    1. What I never seemed to understand was what keeping this secret so secret did to me. I don't tell everyone everything as there are things that others don't need to know. But I don't think I understood at all how relieving it would be to tell someone about my cross dressing.