Friday, January 4, 2013

Miniskirt in January? - Outfit for 1/4/13

Jacket - Guess
Top - Axcess
Skirt - Guess
Leggings - Mossimo
Boots - Nine West

I have owned the leggings I am wearing for a couple of years now but I think this may have been the first time that I have worn them.  They are rather thick and I just have not ever found a good way to wear them until I decided that I wanted to wear them today.  I was bound and determined to find a way for them to look good.  I think I succeeded.

The boots were an interesting decision for me.  I could not decide between two different pairs.  The one pictured and a different pair that is a little bit shorter and very form fitting to my calves.  I decided to wear the larger pair as they are not so form fitting.  The effect is that it makes my legs look skinny while they other pair made my legs look bulky, which they are not.  It took both my wife and I staring at the different pairs of boots while I had them on to figure out what was going on.  The lighting of the picture above makes it a little difficult to see what I am talking about, but if you were here in person you would have seen what we saw.

Today's outfit was worn while we went to a variety of places.  First we went shoe shopping at TJMaxx.  It sucked, there was nothing there.  Maybe they just downsized their shoe department for winter; I'm really not sure.  We then went to a plant store and got some gardening supplies.  After that we went to a new to us store in the mall.  It is called The Brow Bar.

We both wanted to get our brows done and decided to try some place that specializes in eyebrow care.  We walked up to three ladies standing in the doorway and they asked if we wanted to get our brows done.  They led us to chairs and had us lean back and then they started threading our brows.  Wow, it had been some time since I had anything done to my brows.  And wow it hurt.  I like threading more than waxing, but again, wow, it hurt so much that I was tearing but the end and the technician asked if I was alright.  I was. And my brows looked much, much better, but again ouch!  Oh and one thing I forgot to do was to spend enough time cleaning up my face afterwards as there were many little hairs covering my entire eye areas.  I think they should add an after step of brushing away the stray hairs.

Okay.  Love Ya! - I gotta tell you all what happened on new years eve, soon, maybe later today.

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