Thursday, December 20, 2012

I Can't Wait for Tomorrow to Pass

I want to tell you how tired I am of the Mayan 2012 end of the world thing.  I am so tired of all of the tv-shows that keep replaying, over and over.  Today it is absolutely ridiculous, show after show, on The History Channel of all things.  Why is that?  Why does a channel, called The History Channel, show programs that have nothing to do with history?

I don't think that it would bother me so much, if so many people in the general public didn't actually believe them.  Maybe it is just the population that I work with, but I encounter many people that actually worry about if the world will end tomorrow.  I have had some people argue with me that the Mayans predicting the end of the world on December 21st, 2012 is a credible theory.

What this is tapping into within me is that I think many people believe in things that are not always real.  I observe in society a spectrum of people.  People who believe in doomsday prophecies are just at one end of the spectrum, or at least closer to it.  Like the Heaven's Gate Cult, those folks were clearly at the far end of the spectrum, the clearly crazy side.

But really, these people just believe something that not everyone believes.  Is it the number of people that believe something that is what makes it more or less credible?

I think most of us do not really think the world is going to end tomorrow, but I think many of us are worried about things that are just as false, just not as easily seen to be wrong.

The world will not end on December 21st, 2012, just as the Mayans predicted, and the world will not end because I occasionally dress as a woman.

On another note, I have been working back through my blog, removing any picture or graphic that I have violated the copyright.  So if you see some of the pictures on my past posts changing, that is what is going on with that.

Happy holidays, love ya.

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  1. Nadine,
    I hope you had a pleasant and enjoyable Christmas Eve and Day. This is a very stressful time. The stress of the presents and the food and the entertaining and the sharing of the house, etc. can sometimes take away from the reason for the season.
    Hopefully, with the main holiday behind us I will get a chance to destress a bit with some recreational dressing.
    I noted your comment about removing potential copyrighted material. Along those lines I received the new edition of the online T-Mag "Pretty T Girls Magazine" I note that there is an apology to you on page 5. I hope that all is set for clear sailing both on your blog and with the T-Mag.
    Be well