Sunday, November 4, 2012

Outfit from Today Nov. 4th

Top - Merona
Skirt - Guess
Tights - Merona
Boots - Nine West

Today's outfit was inspired by my own thoughts about the last outfit post that I made.  Within that post I mentioned that I was wearing some of my favorite boots, but that they were covered by my jeans, which I liked and didn't like.  Today, I am doing something that I don't necessarily like, I am wearing boots with a skirt.  But the thing that makes it oh so much more appealing to me, are the black tights.  The tights allow for the look of the boot to carry up the leg to the skirt.

What I don't like about skirts and boots is the segmented look that they can create.  What I mean by that, is that you have the dark color of the boot, all of mine are black, the light color of the leg skin, and then the color of the skirt.  This turns the lower half of your body into three distinct segments.  This often has the effect of making the legs look shorter.  I don't know if it is true or not, but I feel as though my legs are shorter than I would like, and I try to make them look longer rather than shorter.  So by matching my boot color with my tights it makes my legs look longer.

You get the same effect by wearing a nude color heel with a skirt.  The shoe blends with your leg color and makes your legs look that much longer.

Today I wore this outfit to go shopping at Costco.  Wow, it was really crowded today for a Sunday morning  Oh well, I still got everything that I needed.

Okay, love ya!


  1. I am not a boot fan. I do not own any and I much prefer the look of a leg in a pump or other heel.
    If you go for boots I do like the look in your photo where the black boot seamlessly blends with the black tight. I completely agree that an expance of leg between a boot top and skirt hem can result in a segmented leg shortening.

    1. Thanks Pat.

      I wonder what it is that makes one type of shoe more appealing than another. I personally like all types of girls shoes. But I do have an affinity for boots. I own about 5 pairs. And an additional 2 pairs of booties. I do really like them, but I find them to be difficult to wear sometimes.

  2. That's a great look for you! And your legs are the perfect length, just long enough to connect your hips to your feet.

    I keep shopping for boots, but can never find something I love that's also affordable. But the thrill is in the chase, right?

    1. Thank you Leslie Ann!

      Most of my boots are Nine West or Steve Madden. I do pretty much all of my shopping at outlet malls, I hate paying full price for just about anything. I tend to go to a fairly large outlet mall a couple times per year and check and see what they have. In the past I skipped over shoes that I wanted and then I would dream about them. Once I go back they are gone! So now I tend to pay them right away.

      Another place I tend to but shoes is TJMaxx. They have good prices and good shoes!

  3. I just wanted to say o love reading thos blog, im so happy i found it. Plus i love this outfit soooooo much xx

    1. Thank you for reading! I'm glad you are enjoying my blog.