Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Outfit for 11/27/12 - Mixing Patterns

Knit Top - No idea who made it - thrifted
Striped Top - Mosimo
Pants - Guess
Booties - Nine West

I really like this knit top.  I forget if I have shown any outfits with it already or not, but today I have paired it with an unusual top, the black and purple striped top I have on underneath it.  The knit top is really nice and I like it a lot.  The arms are extra long, which obviously helps to cover my arms, and they also go down to about half way down my hands, which also helps to hide them.  The thing that is concerning for me is the large gap, and I needed something to help cover up the top of the pants.  The striped top fit that bill perfectly.

I was a little concerned about the conflicting patterns that wearing both of the top together would produce, but upon trying them on together I really like the look.  Wearing them together makes me look extra skinny.

Speaking of which have I ever mentioned one of favorite blogs, Already Pretty?  I like Sal's take on things fashionable and body image wise.  I highly recommend a look at it, especially for the CD crowd.  I think we as a whole are often very unhappy with our bodies.  Sal and I both believe that the right clothes can help us to be more appreciative of what we have to work with.

Sorry for such long delays between postings.  I seem to have a bunch of in-progress projects at the moment and life seems to continue to be life, which is testing my abilities.

I hope you all are well.  Love Ya!


  1. Great top, Nadine! And the link to Already Pretty is greatly appreciated. Good stuff.

    Now, why are you suddenly headless again? Was that a one time only thing? The pictures you shared looked more female than 90% of your peers, me definitely included. You are hiding your light, missy.

    1. Thanks Leslie Ann. And a great point, why am I headless again? Hmmm.... Doubt... Insecurity... Patterned behavior... I am not 100 percent sure. I will ponder it and see what comes up.