Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How Difficult It Is

Every single outfit picture starts off full size, with my head included, but by the time it ends up on my site, they are all headless.  I have mentioned that I have found it easier to retain my anonymity but I don't know that for sure.  What I do know for sure is that I find it extremely difficult to be happy with the pictures of my face.  It is so easy to use clothes to get my body to appear more feminine but my face, alas, I struggle.

What is it?  Does my face look only male?  Does it not look feminine in anyway?  Or is it just the limitations of pictures?  A photo captures such a small piece of time and is so easily manipulated.  The angle of camera towards the subject, the lighting, the colors of the subject, the abilities of the camera processor, the variables of photographs are almost endless.

Recently I tried something that I do on occasion.  I took my camera and took about 50-100 photos of just my face.  I then had my wife take about another 50-100 photos, of primarily my face.  Here is my thoughts about this process.  A good photo comes from taking enough pictures, not about taking the best possible photo.

Thus I have found a few that I think I look good in.  And that feels good.  It allows me to be able to see myself in real life, more as though I see myself in my head.  Not that I see myself full time as a woman, but when I dress as a woman I would like see a woman looking back.  And occasionally, if I take enough photos, I can see that woman.

Take more pictures.  Love yourself more.


  1. From a professional photographer:

    Don't do the camera in your face thing, especially with the lens on a wide-angle setting. Instead, put the camera on a tripod or something, and zoom into your face - longer focal lengths produce more accurate and more flattering facial features. Most professional portraits are done with lenses in the 85mm to 105mm range.

    Also lighting is important. You want nice, soft, flat lighting to complement what you did with your makeup to soften and change your jawline and other features.

    Think like a window with a semi-opaque drape letting soft light in, or bounced light, or if you have the resources, a seperate flash and a softbox to put it in.

    1. Wow what great advice! Thank you! I will try that and see how it goes. Part of my photo limitations is the equipment I use. I have always wanted a seperate flash box. I will keep your advice in mind for the future. Thanks again.

    2. I have thought quite a bit about this particular comment. I do appreciate the advise from a professional photographer, it is invaluable. But I think my original point still remains the same. If you place all of your bets on one click of the shutter, you probably won't be happy with the results. Any professional shoots I have had done in my life have involved many, many photos being taken and much examination of the proofs to pick out the few photos that actually look good.

  2. Hi Nadine,

    I see the woman and she looks great.You look mighty fine, hon.


    1. Thanks Peg! That was sweet. I appreciate the complement.

  3. I cannot offer any photography advise but the picture you posted looks great and totally female in all regards.

  4. Nadine -

    Part of the problem might be the type of makeup you're using AND how it is applied. At Fantasia Fair, I was given a simple formula which helps me with my makeup. Mind you, I'm not religious about the formula - but I do try to use the darker makeup shade to give an illusion of an oval face via an optical illusion. Additionally, some makeup types do not photograph well....

    But from my perspective, you are being overly critical of your photos - you look great.....


    1. Thank you for the makeup suggestions. I have wanted to go have my makeup done at a variety of places. I am interested to see how others would do it and what the results be. So far I have had my makeup done by someone else twice, but they were not experienced in doing a males makeup.

      Thanks for the complement about my looks. I appreciate it.