Friday, October 26, 2012

What if a Duck Was a Crossdresser?

Now is the time of the year when a young trans thoughts turn to duck hunting.  Well maybe it is just my thoughts that turn to duck hunting? Can you tell I'm thinking of stuff other than cross dressing?  It's been a bit since I last took 11 days between posts.  Well, duck season opened here last Saturday and the missus and I have been out hunting.  We had a great first day out.

One funny thing about this blog is the number of visitors that I get that have looked up a picture of a duck.  I find it to be quite funny, having people search for duck hunting info, and then click on a link to this blog, and find it is about a cross dressing duck hunter.  Ha-Ha!  I suppose guys at the refuges would never suppose what goes on underneath my waders, HA-HA!  Okay, well maybe the nail polish gives me away a little.

On that note, last weekend I confirmed a strange theory.  Soaking your hands in water for an hour or two will easily remove gel nail polish.  Which I am happy about, but also quite bummed about.  I thought that I had the answer all figured out about how to keep the polish from chipping and my nails from breaking while I am hunting, but alas, gel polish is not the answer I was hoping it would be.  But it is a fairly easy, and non toxic way to remove the almost impossible to remove polish.

Gotta run, folks, job is a callin.

Love ya!


  1. Nadine
    I will cede to your expertise in ducks but I thought that the male of the duck family was prettier, more colorful, better decked out than the female. Is that the case? If so it may mean that ducks are ahead of the curve on self adornment. LOL