Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Really Like Embroidered Clothes

Top - Merona
Skirt - The Limited
Shoes - New York Transit

I found this skirt while thrift store shopping around California.  There are a couple of things that drew me to it.  One is that the waistband is elastic, thus no zippers or buttons to fail.  The second thing, and more importantly to me, it is embroidered.  This is something that I can often find on women's clothes, but rarely find on any men's clothes.  There are a couple of male work shirts that I have that are embroidered and I really enjoy wearing those as well as my female clothes that are embroidered.  I find well done embroidery to exude femininity.

Here is a close up of the embroidery on this skirt.

In this outfit I am also wearing the green top that has a wrap around portion for the bust of it.  I like this type of top as it helps to give a little boost to those of us that are a little small of breast.

If you are curious I chose this outfit to go shopping at Costco.  I'm not sure how great the shoes were for Costco shopping, but I had a hard time finding a good pair of shoes to wear with this skirt.  Now more than ever I totally understand the need to have about a hundred pairs of shoes.

Hope you are doing well!

Love Ya!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fetish? I Think it May be a Bit More Complex

People of all sexes have the right to explore femininity, masculinity—and the infinite variations between—without criticism or ridicule.
Leslie Feinberg

Is that too much to ask?

Before I ever started blogging, I never really bothered with reading blogs about trans anything.  I read plenty of fashion blogs.  And maybe now I wish I had stayed an ignorant fool.

As I have stated elsewhere in my blog, I personally have been the recipient of rude behavior while dressed as a woman, maybe once or twice.  What I have observed is that the general public is not interested in what I am doing nearly as much as they are concerned with what people think about what they are doing.

But honestly I am sickened by the utter hatred I have read from what I consider to be my own group of people.  What group is that you may ask?  Well personally I would prefer to be a group of one, but that doesn't really make much of a group does it?  The group is the spectrum of gender within which I find myself.

I kind of had this idea that if someone else didn't really seem to fit into the binary system of male or female that maybe that kind of bonded us all together.  But what I am slowly realizing is that it doesn't.

Apparently I find myself in a group of well hated people, the lowly cross dresser.  Hated by who?  Apparently hated by other people who are truly _______  I don't know what they are, but apparently I am not what they are.  Why?  Because I will not cut off my penis and attempt to look as physically complete as a woman as I can.

One attack I read recently compared a cross dresser's looks to that of a donkey's ass.  Another blog I have read states that all cross dressers are simple fetishists.

A donkey's ass?  Okay, maybe not a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, but a donkey's ass?  Hardly.  To this wonderful blogger I will simply say, have you looked the general public in the face, and then checked to see if they have a penis or a vagina?  I think not.  You might be surprised on who has what.

To the conjecture that if you do not cut off your dick you are suffering from a simple fetish, have you bothered to look up a definition of the word, rather than creating your own because it suits you to insult others?  Well here is that definition for those that are google deficient.



  [fet-ish, fee-tish]  Show IPA
an object regarded with awe as being the embodiment orhabitation of a potent spirit or as having magical potency.
any object, idea, etc., eliciting unquestioning reverence,respect, or devotion: to make a fetish of high grades.
Psychology any object or nongenital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation.

Why don't you come live in my pumps for awhile?  Not a single one of those definitions define me.

I will bite my tongue.  I will not link to those wonderful pages I have mentioned.  I will not spread hatred to whom I consider to my brethren.  What I will say is, if we can't count on others who have experience within the beautiful spectrum that is gender how can any of us expect the truly ignorant to be understanding.

I understand that just because I don't understand you and your choices, I don't get to belittle you as a living being on this infinitesimally small speck of dust called Earth.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another Movie, Another Outfit

Top - Guess 
Skirt - Guess
Shoes - Aerosoles
Necklace - Target
Bracelet - Thrifted

Hey, surprise, I'm wearing all Guess again.  Honestly I try on other clothes besides Guess, but there clothes just fit so wonderfully and are so wonderfully flattering to my body.  The top is pretty basic, but it has a nice deep cut V neck.  It also has buttons so that I may show more or less cleavage.  For today, I have it opened fairly far and it shows quite a bit of my boobs.  Not too far that it becomes obscene, but far enough that it really helps to emphasize the little that I do have to show.

The skirt is nice and stretchy.  It hugs my hips and cuts in on my legs, which helps to emphasize my hips and makes them look bigger.  It also helps that my top is somewhat tight and cuts in at the skinniest point on my torso.  The other thing about this skirt that helps my hips to look bigger is the horizontal stripes.  Many girls will want to avoid the horizontal stripes if you have larger hips and are not wanting to emphasize them.  I on the other hand have near nonexistent hips and want them to appear as large as possible.

Okay, for something that I don't like about this outfit, the arms and shoulders.  The picture that I chose shows what I find to be large shoulders and arms.  I often like to de-emphasize my arms and shoulders but the day I wore this it was predicted to be about 100 degrees, so I thought I would go with something I little bit weather appropriate.  So I dealt with my arms being out.  Oh well!  I still think I look good.

So, what movie did Jules and I see?  We went to see the next Resident Evil movie, Retribution.  It was okay.  I kind of liked them more when there were more zombies in them.  This one was not really about the zombies so much as the corporation that is responsible for the zombies.  I still enjoyed the show.

Okay, gotta run.  Ooh, hopefully soon I will be getting a better internet connection.  I have signed up for Excede satellite service.  Now I am just waiting for them to come install it.  If you don't already know, I live out in the country and my options for internet service, SUCK!  Sorry for yelling, but it is so bad, it is the number one thing I hate about where I live.  Possibly the only thing I truly hate about where I live.

Love ya!  

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Results of Coming Out

A couple of months ago I let you know that while camping near the above pictured spot, I informed one of my colleagues and her husband, M & C, that I like to fully dress up as a woman.  I talked about it in this post.  At the time I wasn't 100% sure about how M would handle it.  But she handled it very well at the time, but I knew then that the true test of things would be how she handled herself in the future.  Its one thing for someone to say they are fine with me cross dressing but it is another for them treat me the same way as they always have.

Well now that a few months have passed I can tell you that M has changed how she acts towards me.  She is funner.  Our relationship is better than it has ever been.  I feel much more relaxed around her and she appears more relaxed around me.

For example, last night Jules and I had a party where about 10 people or so had shown up, M and C being one of the couples.  During the party Jules and I were cooking up a bunch of finger foods out of the duck we shot last season.  Everybody got really full but we were not done with what we were wanting to cook.  One of the dishes is a deep fried duck with honey sauce on it.  It is so yummy.  I insisted that I needed to have at least some it, so I started the process of cooking it.

At some point while cooking it, M came in and got something more to drink.  Several other people were in the kitchen at the time and M came up to me and said something along of the lines of "I don't know how you keep that girlish figure of yours while eating so much."  Nobody paid any special extra attention to what she said, but I could see the little glimmer in her eyes as she walked away.

I laughed in my head as the rest of the party conversation continued on around me and I kept cooking the next dish.

Thought I'd share.

Love Ya!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Love the Skirt!

Top - Guess
Skirt - Guess
Shoes - Report

I may have shown this outfit before today, but I love, love, love it!  The skirt is the greatest.  I bought it not too long ago as a replacement to a similar skirt that I own and really like.  The older skirt was wearing out because the zipper was dying.  It really frustrated me because I love the fit of the skirt and everything was fine with the skirt except for the zipper.  I put the skirt away into my 'to be altered' pile.  But then the last time I visited the outlet mall, Guess had this skirt for sale.  And the thing that I love the most about this skirt, as opposed to my older one, there is no zipper!  Yea!  No zipper to wear out, ever!

The skirt itself fits very nicely as it is a pencil skirt made out of some stretchy fabric that I can just pull up my hips.  I really like the look of a pencil skirt on someone with not very big hips.  With the skirt hugging in at the knees it really makes one look as though they have nice sized hips.  Hips are a difficult thing to comfortably fake with padding so I love it when my clothes give the illusion of hips without large amounts of padding.

This outfit is also good looking on me as the top shows off my cleavage quite well.  Almost too much as a matter of fact.  This particular day, Jules and I were planning on doing some shopping at Macy's, TJ Maxx, and going to a movie.  Once I was fully dressed and I looked at my boobs in the mirror, I almost changed the top as I kind of thought too much boob was showing. But I left it that way, and really enjoyed my look.

Oh, BTW can you tell I got a new laptop.  Yeah, I didn't think it would be obvious.  But I did get a new one.  I finally have left Windows Vista in the past and have upgraded to a Windows 7 machine.  I got an Dell Inspiron ultrabook. and I love it.  I might love the skirt more though!

Love you!