Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to Remove Gel Nails or Reverse Gender Dysphoria

Part A:
I love the nail job that you can see pictured in the photo above.  I got it about a week ago at a local salon while dressed as a guy.  I got a gel nail polish put on and I asked if they could do a french tip in gels and they said yes!!  Woo-Hoo!!

It takes about an hour for the gel polish to be repeatedly layered and cured, with a UV lamp, which gets quite hot btw.  If you get a good stylist to work on you the end results are unbelievably great!  They look smoking hot and they are near indestructible.  The nails in the picture above are shown after a week, doing things like digging in the garden and pulling up weeds, not a chip to be seen; pretty cool huh?

The only problem with them is getting that darn lovely stuff off of your nails.  My first bit of advice to you on the process is, if you need to get it off in a hurry, you are screwed.

Method one-
- soak cotton balls in acetone
- place cotton balls on nails
- wrap nails in tinfoil
- leave for 15-20 minutes
- use plastic scraper to gently scrape polish off nails

Method two-
- soak finger nails in small bowl of acetone for about 15-20 minutes
- use plastic scraper to gently scrape polish off nails

Method three-
- sand tops of nails with a coarse file

- soak finger nails in small bowl of acetone for about 15-20 minutes
- use plastic scraper to gently scrape polish off nails

Method four-
- go see a professional

When I removed the polish from my nails above it took me about 90 minutes total, and it was not my first  rodeo people.

Part B:
Reverse GD.  Please keep in mind that I have spent a sum total of 1 hour of my life in a therapists office (I went with my family one time, which did not go so well.) So I know nothing of what I speak other than my brief readings on others blogs.  Much of my life I have had waves of desire flood over me, compelling me to do a variety of things normally reserved for women.  Once I stopped trying to ignore them and began surfing them as I do currently I noticed something else.

Like many  I have often pondered the idea that maybe I should have been born a girl.  I like a lot of traditionally feminine things.  It would be a pretty big, involved, glorious list, if I were to make it.  I think that these thoughts were part of what scared me about trying to paddle out into the surf in the first place.  But "lucky" for me I was able to face my fears.

What this has created is who I am today.  And today I just took off my nail polish after about two or three months.  More significantly maybe is that I cut my nails way back to totally normal guy male length.  This was brought about primarily because of work concerns but also because within the last couple of weeks I have had extremely strong reverse feelings.  Instead of dreaming of having long pretty awesomely painted nails, I was dreaming of having short little unpainted nails.

And now I have them.  Oh and how I missed them.  I so missed them.  I missed being able to type with the speed I am currently and not have pain in the ends of my finger tips.  I enjoy being able to dry my ears with a piece of tissue without jabbing myself with my killer dagger nails.  I will also appreciate not having to worry about viciously but confidently scratching the hell out of myself.

So reverse gender dysphoria?  I honestly don't know.  I just know it's always the same.  The grass always seems greener over on the next hill, but I'm afraid to try.  I face my fears, try it out, and then think, hmm... maybe the other way is better after all and then I mosey on back to where I came from.

Love ya!


  1. Nadine
    You have spent one hour more than me in a therapist's office. I suspect that neither of us are qualified to engage in serious psychobabble. I think I am OK and you seem OK.

    It seems to me that you have reached a fairly nice place where you can enjoy and experience the pleasures of both genders. THere are many positive things about being a guy and there are many great things about being a woman. If you can enjoy them both you are ahead of the game.

    I say be nice to people and enjoy life. Pretty simple psychobabble if you ask me.


    1. Thanks Pat!

      I always appreciate your insightful comments.

      I like your psychobabble ideas as they are philosophies that I share and seem to work out well for me.

    2. Gear post, smart, mellow ... tahnk you ! I feel the same.