Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Flip Book Outfit Creator

While doing the outfit portion of my July challenge I discovered a big difficulty with putting my outfits together, I couldn't actually look at all of clothes in a very efficient manner.  Most of my clothes are stored in the drawers of my dresser, as shown in this post, and they obviously stacked on top of each other.  If I want to see what I have I used to have to pull out almost all of my clothes just to see what I have.  Now all I do is to flip through the pictures of my clothing items.

I told my wife of my idea and she decided to join me.  We posted up some white paper on the wall, set the camera on the tripod, put on a clothing item, and took a picture.  It did not take nearly as long as we thought it would.

After we were done we printed them out, cut them, and organized them.  I chose to put them together into these groups: dresses, tank tops, tops, bottoms, and shoes.  This is what they look like:


Tank Tops:




What I will then do is to find something I would like to wear and flip through the other books and find something that I think will go with it.  I often try to find a few different options that will work together.  This is what it look like when I put them together.

In total it took probably about 4 to 5 hours to put everything together.  Now that it is done it has helped greatly in me being to put together a variety of outfits which have utilized all the clothes that I own and not just the ones that happen to be in the top of the drawers.

Love Ya!

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