Thursday, August 2, 2012

An Outfit & Final Tally On My July Challenges

Top - Guess
Pants - Guess
Shoes - New York Transit

I got an opportunity to wear jeans the other day as it was cool enough where we were.  Of course I wore my favorite pair of jeans.  I think I wore this outfit out to dinner.  This particular evening we stayed at a casino in the San Diego area and were eating at the buffet.  The food was okay but the decadence of it all was fabulous!

To recap what I challenged myself to do for the month of July:
             1 - two outfits per day - and use them to create an outfit binder
             2 - do my eye makeup everyday - documented in the outfit binder
             3 - practice putting on eyeliner everyday - documented in the outfit binder
             4 - exercise every morning and every night
             5 - a compromise with smoking cigarettes - no smoking before 8 pm and then only 1 - 5 times

Well how did I do?
             1 - I did this almost everyday.  I ended up with 79 outfits in my binder!!!
             2 - I also did this almost everyday.  I got 30 pictures of my eyes.
             3 - I also did this almost everyday.
             4 - This one I was less successful on; I probably have a 75% success rate.
             5 - Uhh, nope totally blew this one.

In the end I am fairly happy with myself.  I think I put too much on my list and in the future I think I will concentrate on one thing at a time.

I am really happy with the results of my outfit binder.  I used it to help me pack more efficiently for our last trip.  I took pictures of my outfits with me on my iPad and then had a clear idea of what I had with me to wear.  I also like the pictures of my eye makeup, but I should have taken better notes about what I did to document it better.  Overall I am pleased with my exercise routine.  I did more walks and yoga then I have in a long time.  More importantly I maintained my weight while eating a bunch a crap this month.  If you are interested in my weight, I am currently 156lbs and am 5'9".  Pretty good huh?

Smoking - well I blew that challenge, but in all honesty I don't think my heart was in the from the start.  I am not going to give up on this one, but I don't know yet when I am going to try again, maybe next week actually.  I'll let you know.

Another thing that I think these challenges did was to prompt me to do some other things.  I emailed my friend B about this website.  I also talked with both M and C about my crossdressing, which was rather unexpected.  These three people were also the first people outside of my wife and my sister that I have told. Another thing is that I created a clothes flip card device to help with choosing outfits.  I'll share more about my flip cards later.

Okay, too much already, gotta go!

Love ya!


  1. Congratulations on a fine and successful month of challenges. I would say you did very well. It is a major accomplishment to have worn and photographed 79 separate outfits. My wife thinks I have too many girl clothes but I doubt I could cobble together half as many outfits. I suspect that there are plenty of GGs that cannot put together that many outfits.

    As for the smoking that is something that is in a class of its own. I smoked from 18-58. Over a pack a day of non-filtered. I was a nicotine addict. I did quit a few times and tried quitting and failed more times than I can count. I am now clean for 29 months. This time I feel as if I have knocked the monkey off my back. I did it with a one month dose of Chantix and rewards of new dresses, skirts and shoes. I gave myself a present at one day, one week, 2, 3, 4 weeks, 2, 3,4 and 5 months. After that I felt pretty good and had no more room in my closet.


    1. Thanks Pat! I appreciate the congratulations. Yea, I have lots of clothes. Lots and Lots of clothes. I grew up with an older sister who would always ask my advice of her outfits, which is where I think my sense of style began. So when I finally allowed myself to go with my CD desires, I discovered just why exactly it takes so many clothes to put together a variety of decent outfits.

      I like your ideas for quitting. That sounds as though it could help me.


  2. Well done, but I think you are right, too many challenges in one go. If you want to give up smoking you will fail, sorry to sound negative, but all the time you are giving something up you are depriving yourself of something you want, and therefore will fail. You need to change it around so that rather than depriving yourself of something you want you are liberating yourself from something you no longer need. Break the dependency, and yes reward yourself with the money you have saved, it's a great feeling when you get the craving for nicotine and instead of having to resist temptation you can say to yourself, "Yay great I don't need to have a cigarette now"

    1. Thank you for your thoughts Paula you always make me think in ways I have not.

  3. P.S.: Yes I am happy that I have been smoke free but as part of the mental bargain I made with myself I told myself that for the first year of not smoking I would not worry about my weight. The result was an additional 40 lbs. I have now lost about half of the smoke quitting weight but I still have several dresses and two skirts that I bought shortly after quitting that are hanging in my closet without being worn since they are still too tight. If I can shed another 20 lbs I will be able to get into some dresses and then hopefully dispose of a few of my larger outfits.