Monday, July 16, 2012

Update on July Challenges

Shoes - Converse

Do you like the shoes?  I do.  They are new and you can't see it in the picture, but the insides are lined with pink.  I purchased them from the Converse outlet store in Gilroy, CA.  Which is a great place to shop BTW.  I think they will be great girl shoes that I can also wear while dressed as a boy.  Which I think will be cool.

Okay, so a refresher about what my challenges for July are:
             1 - two outfits per day - and use them to create an outfit binder
             2 - do my eye makeup everyday - documented in the outfit binder
             3 - practice putting on eyeliner everyday - documented in the outfit binder
             4 - exercise every morning and every night
             5 - a compromise with smoking cigarettes - no smoking before 8 pm and then only 1 - 5 times

How have I done?
             1 - done, and actually more than I said I would.  I have not posted them all yet, but I will get there eventually.
            2 - Yes done.  I have not kept up on my documenting as well as I would like to.  I took pictures, but some days I did not write down what I put on.
            3 - Yes, done, but with the same concerns about #2
            4 - Nope.  I have lost track, but I think I have exercised at least once each day.
            5 - Nope, I've smoked less, but not to the extent that I would like to.

The last time  I updated my blog about this I mentioned that I started using Wellbutrin.  I am no longer doing that.  I did it the way my dr recommended and was fine until I got up to two pills per day.  At that point my stomach revolted.  It took me a few days to determine that the Wellbutrin was the problem, but I figured it out and stopped.  My dr said, yea that might happen.  So that did not work for me.  I think when I go for quitting agin I will do it as I have in the past.  In the past I really just will myself to do it and I have.  Eventually I have started again, but oh well.  Wellbutrin sucks in my opinion, of course I was taken the generic form though.

Thrilling I know.  So this post and the next few were written on Sunday, 7/15 but I have scheduled it to post later.  I am trying this out as I will be unable to get to my blog within the next few days or so.  I will publish any comments when I can.


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