Thursday, July 26, 2012

Outfit for Today

Crochet Top - ? - thrifted
Tank - Mossimo
Belt - ?
Skirt - Guess
Shoes - Aerosoles

I really like this top.  I just got it fairly recently as Jules and I traveled around California.  We visited several second hand stores.  I picked this up at one of them.  I think I picked it up from Black and Brown.  This is a very nice second hand store in San Jose, CA.  Jules and I liked it so much that we had to go move the car which we initially had parked in a 30 minute zone.

Being as my arms are a fairly manly feature that I possess I appreciate that this top covers them entirely; it even covers my hands!  It is really out of my clothing comfort zone.  One of the things that I try to do, especially at second hand stores, is to try on things that I would not normally try.  It is amazing how different clothes look on your body versus on the hanger.  Often, when I am not thinking about going out of my comfort zone, I will tend to purchase the same types of clothes that I already own. That becomes boring and monotonous and I get tired of my clothes, new or old.  By going out of y comfort zone and pushing myself I feel as though I am always updating my look and getting more usefulness out of all of the clothes that I own.

Okay.  That's it for now.  Have a good day.