Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July Challenge Outfits

Top - Max Studio
Shorts - Charlotte Russe
Shoes - Life Stride
Necklace - Target

Top - Guess
Skirt - Guess
Shoes - Nickles

These outfits were from 7/10.  I wore the top outfit driving.  We were travelling around California still during these pictures.  I chose this particular outfit to be comfortable on the drive but also to be comfortable while shopping.  During this particular leg of our trip we were going to be stopping by an outlet mall and I wanted something easy to take on and off in the dressing room.  The bottom outfit was a new one that I picked up at the mall.

I wanted to mention that while I do quite a bit of shopping I hardly ever buy things at retail prices.  One of my favorite things to do is to shop at outlet malls.  If you have not done that yet, I highly recommend it.

Top - Guess
Skirt - Guess
Shoes - Life Stride

Top - Guess
Tank - Guess
Pants - L.E.I
Shoes - Converse

These two outfits were from 7/11.  The top outfit is pretty much the same as the previous days but I did change the shoes.  Does that make for a whole new outfit?  I don't know.  That might be cheating.  What do you think?  I'm not sure.  But shoes do change how an outfit looks.  They can dress up and an outfit or dress it down.  The picture itself was taken at a pool I used to swim at as a kid.  I don't know if I ever mentioned this before, I probably have, but I spent about 8 years of my childhood swimming, year round.  So this pool was kind of important for me.  I like how I got a picture of while I was there dressed as a girl.

The bottom outfit was what I wore out that evening.  I already posted a picture and blog about that night.  It was when we decided to go to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  It was a fun evening but a little chilly.  I enjoyed the outfit I chose to wear as it was very appropriate for the evening.

I'm still unable to get to my blog to post comments for another couple of days, just so you know.

Love Ya!

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