Monday, June 18, 2012

Refining Your Wardrobe

To purge is a love-hate thing for most crossdressers.  If you don't know, a purge is when you take every girl thing you own and throw it away in attempts to give up crossdressing.  I experienced a purge only one time in my life.  I still miss a certain black dress that I had before I threw it all away.  At that time I truly thought that I was done with crossdressing and that I would never want any of that stuff anymore.  Well obviously that was not the case, huh?

Now what I see is that I often have a difficult time in getting rid of anything.   I keep thinking that I should hold on to things because you never know when you might want it again.  Well this past weekend I pushed myself to go through my Spanx like garments as well as my bras.  Both of those things are very difficult for me to get rid of.  This process also dealt with all of my breast inserts.

I get most of my inserts from The Breast Form Store.  I really like the ones that I have gotten from there.  I generally get the Gold Seal Classic Attachable Breast Forms.

Anyways, I had a size 6, a 5, a 4, and a 1.  I say that I had them, because I decided to get rid of them all.  My wife took the size 1's.  They make her boobs look HUGE!  Wow, jealousy much?  Yea, lots!  She has great boobs.

Okay, off topic again.  Since I decided to get rid of those inserts I also got rid of about half the bras I owned.  I will tell you, that was hard!  I really struggled with doing that, but it was certainly needed.  I had some bras in there that I probably had not worn in a couple of years.  And the really nice thing is that the bras that I kept all look really nice and fit really well.

Fellow crossdressers and fashionistas, here is my advice to you.  Go through your clothes regularly and make donation bags for things that have gone out of style, of things that no longer fit you, or things that you just don't wear anymore.  Don't think of it as a purge, think of it as a refinement.

Through years of refining my own wardrobe, I have found my own personal style and I am much happier.

Do you refine?  Or do you purge?  Or do you hoard?

Oh, I have a few pairs of really nice, $200, inserts available if you are interested, message or email me.


  1. i agree purging is i a no no. purging with NOT get rid of the draw to dress in fem. all it will do is cost one more when the find the need to dress again as they one will have to replenish the now missing clothes. some of which will never be able to be replaced.
    i too every so often go through and weed out out of style and not used clothing. occasionally i weaken and keep some of the dressier clothes. the same goes for costume jewelry and my clip on earings that i used before getting my ears pierced 2 years ago.
    i have been lucky in that i had a good tailor in town who with out batting an eye would alter anything i brought to him. since i am only 5'6-1/2" everything seems to need shortening for me. he has enlarged favorite skirts and shrunk skirt suits to a reg. form a womans and updated leather blazers for me all at a reasonable cost making them look like they were custom made for me. a good tailor and a good stylist for the wigs are a girls best friend! :-)

    1. Oh the dreaded purge! Never again will I purge. I can't exactly take out what is in me and throw it in the trash and it is so naive to think it would be possible.

      A good tailor huh? I have only had one of my clothing items tailored. Certain things, like tailoring, and wig styling, I just seem to have avoided like the plague. I really need to broaden my horizons. I am super impressed with your willingness to just go for it! Good for you!

      I will need to learn from you, thanks! :)