Saturday, June 23, 2012

Outfit for Wine Tasting

Black Top - Guess
Red Tank - Guess
Shorts - Guess
Shoes - Aerosoles

Off and on now for about a year and a half I have documenting what I wear and through this I have learned so about myself as well as my wardrobe.  One very obvious thing is my grand desire for Guess clothing.  So many of my favorites clothing items are from Guess.

I see a variety of reasons for this.
1 - Guess clothes often have a very good cut to them that flatters and accentuates a female form
2 - The clothes are higher quality fabrics than some other manufacturers
3 - The clothes are age appropriately sexy for me (I try to go into all stores and many of them, I will walk in and then out after quickly surmising the clothes are being marketed to someone much older or younger than me)
4 - I personally feel extra feminine while wearing them

It's funny, many of my favorite male clothes are also from Guess.  

A side note to this post about getting good pictures:
While taking the pictures for this outfit, as I do for all of my outfit pictures, my wife took several different ones while I change about my poses.  I then will go through and pick out the pose that I think flatters me the most.  I chose the picture above instead of this picture:
Can you tell why I chose the top picture instead of the bottom picture?  My feet are together in the top picture and it looks much more feminine.  It helps add to the illusion of curves.  Again this is something easy to see in pictures and something also that I try to keep in mind while out in public.  I try to walk by rubbing my ankles together to keep my legs tighter together.  One thing I still struggle with is remembering to stand with my feet closer together then maybe I am used to, as evidenced by the bottom picture.

Got any tips for walking in a more feminine manner?


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