Sunday, June 3, 2012

Going to the Movies Again

Top - Guess
Skirt - Loft
Shoes - Aerosoles - TJMaxx
Earrings - Target

Today's outfit was worn for going out to the movies.  We saw MIB3 and I enjoyed the show.  We got to the movie area early and decided to go to TJMaxx first.  If you don't know I like going to that store to look at the shoes.  In fact the shoes that I have on in today's picture were the last pair of shoes that I purchased at TJMaxx.

 Today I challenged myself to try on shoes that I wouldn't normally try.  Generally shoes with lots of straps do not fit well onto my feet but today I tried on a pair that fit well and I decided to get them.

While trying them on it occurred to me how lucky I am that I can fit into regular sized girl shoes sold in regular stores.  I don't know if I have mentioned it before but I fit into a size 9 1/2 or 10 shoes.  These sizes tend to be the largest sizes that I often see in most store.  I feel bad for those of you whose feet are too big to be able to shop in a regular shoe store.  Many men would like to find resources for pretty shoes in their sizes, but alas I am no help for you in being able to find those locations.

Interesting in that I have always been insecure about my rather smallish feet.  Now I am thankful that I have them.

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