Monday, June 4, 2012

Eye Makeup

Eye Shadow - Lancome

I recently got an ipad.  It is the new ipad3 and I have been pleasantly surprised.  I kind of had to get it for a work related project, otherwise I would not have gotten it.  I am really a PC/Windows person and have been a die-hard anti-Mac person, but I will have to admit the truth - I really like my iPad.

One of the things I like about the iPad is the camera on it.  I took the camera and took a close-up of my eye makeup.  That is the picture that you see above.  Really I was just playing around with my new toy, but I thought it was kind of an interesting picture.

What it shows, is a couple of things.  First, it shows my eyebrows.  I do two things for my eyebrows, one - I have them waxed.  Sometimes they are thinner, but I kind of like the way that this picture shows.  Second - I color my brows with a light colored eye shadow.  If I don't do that my brows, while thicker than many women's, hardly show on my face.  Now for my eye routine.  First - when I do my foundation, I make sure to do my eyes also, just to even out my skin tone.  Second - I apply an eye shadow foundation from clinique.  I'm not sure if that is what you call it, but it is a light colored cream base that comes out from a tube.  It makes it so that around my eyes is brighter.  It also helps to hold the shadow in place.  Third - I apply shadow.  For my shadow colors, I generally use a three or four part shadow process.  I generally use the four colors that come in the compact I am using.  There are four colors, ranging in lightness.  I apply the 2nd lightest color to my lids, the next darkest to the crease above my lid.  The darkest color, I apply in a small triangle in the upper outside corner.  I will also lightly sweep this color a little under the lower lid from the outside towards the center. Lastly, or sometimes first, I apply the lightest color to the brow portion.  The last thing I do is to curl my lashes and apply mascara.

I started off doing my eyes with inexpensive makeup from Target or WalMart or CVS.  Then I tried Clinique, and I love it.  In the picture above, I branched out and got some shadow from Lancome.  Clinique is very good for great day, or read subtle makeup.  Lancome is good for a more night look.  I generally use browns to contrast with the color of my eyes.  But with this Lancome color I chose to try and branch out and got a set with some bright blue color in it.  I kind of like it.  I like more that I proved that I can wear blue if I would like to.  I actually still prefer browns, but it was nice and will be nice to switch it up some.

I have intentions of continuing to try and document my various eye looks for you all.  But we shall have to wait to see if I follow through with that all.

Hope you all are doing well.

I'd love to know what you do for you eye make-up routines.

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