Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Challenge for July

Last July I challenged myself to wear a different outfit each day for the month.  Or at least to take at least one picture of an outfit each day.  Now that July is quickly approaching I am considering another challenge for myself.  Here are my choices so far:

- double the number of outfit pictures that I took last July
- do my makeup every day
- fully dress for as many full days as I can
- quit smoking
- write a blog entry everyday
- ??

Which one of the above do you think I should do?  Got any other suggestions?


I'll let you know what I decide on!


  1. I would challenge you to do a daily blog entry. That would likely inspire you to keep ahead of the curve on the dressing and makeup.

    I quit about 18 months ago and quickly added 40 lbs. I have lost half of that but still have a lot of outfits that are too tight. I am glad I quit and it was not easy but I do need to drop some lbs.


  2. Obviously, you should (need to) quit smoking. No one said it would be easy.
    A daily progress report would be appropriate, along with some of the other things you mentioned.

    1. Yeah, smoking would be the obvious thing to do. About 2 years ago I stopped for 6 months and loved and hated it. I have loved and hated smoking ever since then. I have smoked since about age 12, which makes it about 28 years, woo-hoo! I feel so fortunate!