Sunday, May 13, 2012

Movie Outfit

Wedges - Aerosoles - TJMaxx
Skirt - Guess
White top - Guess
Black and white tank - Charlotte Russe 

We went to the movies today and saw The Avengers.   I thought that it was enjoyable.  The theater was quite full though and dressed as a woman, or a man, I prefer an emptier theater.  Oh well, it was fine, though I did almost tip over a bit while going past some seated people to get to our seats.  It was kind of a small walk space and the theater was already very dark and showing previews.  I handled it fine, it was actually just a momentary slight unbalance on my fairly tall new wedges.

I think I told you about the shoes that I am wearing a few posts ago.  They were purchased at TJMaxx, which I will again say is a great place to get good deals on great shoes!!  I really like the new shoes. They are quite a pop of color.

I don't know if I have mentioned how much I like the little tank I am wearing.  I picked it up at a random thrift store.  My wife and I were eating ice cream on the street and a lady saw us finish and then called out to us that we should come into her store.  We went in and looked around.  It was a nice place with quality clothes at good prices.  I happened to try on this tank.  My wife said she didn't think it would work for me, being as it is basically a sleeveless top with small little shoulder straps and looks kind of ridiculous.  But I had a vision for it, which is basically how I am wearing it in the picture.

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