Monday, February 20, 2012

Mini Skirt

Shoes - Nine West
Tights - Target
Skirt - Guess
Top - Moreno
Belt - ?

Do you think mini skirts have an age limit to wearing them?  I thought so, but considering that I like this skirt so much, I am no longer so sure.  I am 40 years old and have heard that a mini skirt should no longer be worn once you reach 40.  What do you think about this idea?

I know that when someone wears clothes that are not their age the end up looking much older than they really are.  Does the outfit that I am wearing not look appropriate for someone of age 40?

On another note I really like wearing the tights with this mini skirt.  Actually without the tights I don't think I would wear this skirt out in public.  Underneath the tights are a pair of short pair of shapewear shorts.  Mr. Happy rests comfortably down this inside of my leg nicely disguised by the shapewear.  The thing about the shorts is that they are longer than the skirt, so without the tights hiding the shorts I don't think I would wear this skirt in public.

The boots by the way are my new current favorite shoe.  They are a 9 1/2 from Nine West, which I normally wear a 10.  The 10's though have a tendency to get stretched out a little and skip off my heel a bit, so I thought I would try a 9 1/2.  I really like them more and more.  Though personally I am a sucker for a nice shoe.

I must say that I am a pretty lucky guy.  I always felt as though my feet were small for a guy, but for a girl, they are kind of on the large size.  But I am quite lucky to be a guy that can get girl shoes right from the store, just about any store.

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