Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Maximize your hips

It's funny I have been considering writing this blog entry for a little while and just today I looked at already pretty and saw her post from today was about how to minimize your hips.  That is one of the things that I really like about Sal.  She and I agree on this idea of trying to be happy with what you have and using your clothes to help you achieve the look you are going for.

This is a very important thing for men, women, and crossdressers to understand, you need to make your clothes work for you.  You need to get them to help you accentuate or downplay various elements of your body, because it is just so damn easy.

For example, I am often wistful of women with nice curvy hips.  Hips are something that are pretty much impossible to attain through any kind of surgical means, unlike breasts.  But for us crossdressers surgery is not desired anyway.  So how do you go about achieving the look of hips when you don't have any?

Well here is a picture of me while dressed as a woman, wig, top, bra, makeup, but I have on male jeans:

Here is what it looks like with a pair of female jeans, a little hip jut, small (read very, very small,) hip pads, and the right photo:

Here is one from the front while wearing the same jeans.  A couple of things about these jeans help my hips look bigger.  One is their length, they are super long.  Another is the color, with being lighter on the tops and darker on the sides it helps my legs to look skinny and thus my hips look bigger.  Another thing is the tight top I have that hugs me at the smallest place on my waist and flares out on my hips because its not tucked in and the shirt help with a small flip out at the bottom of it.

Here is a picture of me wearing a tight red skirt with a larger white flowing top.  The top being bigger and flaring out on my hips helps give the illusion of bigger hips when it is combined with the the tight belt and the tight skirt.

My last picture here shows possibly my favorite skirt of all time.  It is made by Guess and I love, love, love it!!  Why?  Because the skirt is constructed to help accentuate hips.  It it lightly tight on my waist, flares out at the hips, goes skinny towards the knees, and then flares out right at the bottom.  The skirt itself has such wonderful curves as it just sits on the hanger.  This piece of clothing makes my hips look bigger than anything else I have to wear.  I mean really, look at that hip jutting out.

Oh also some other pointers, jutting your hip out to either side, makes them look bigger, but its kind of hard to walk around that way, it is good for pictures.  Also for pictures, placing your hand on your hip helps them to look bigger also.

I think that what is interesting is how un-hippy I can look, and without really doing much other than wearing a different set of clothes can really make my hips look much bigger.  The clothes themselves can make it look as though I actually have hips!  Woo-Hoo!  I don't have to go through anything more traumatic than picking the right clothes.

An interesting idea in our society is that we need to correct bodily deficits by utilizing surgical procedures.  Don't be unhappy with what you have, don't go through expensive and painful surgeries, just wear the right clothes.

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