Monday, February 13, 2012


While looking through my blog stats this morning I am struck by how many people have viewed my couple of pages on transvestites boobs.  It is a shocking difference between those pages and any other post.  For example I wrote a page about breast size and that particular page has had 345 page views, while my next closest page is on shoes and that one has 63 page views.  So what can I read from this data?  I think that people are very concerned with transvestites boobs.  Interesting?

Well I do admit that my biggest concern with dressing as a woman was the boob aspect.  Boobs are a fascinating thing.  They are something uniquely feminine.  And uniquely human female.  All mammals, from what I understand, have mammary glands, but human females are the only ones with breasts.  Okay a bit of googling and reading I found that human females are the only ones with breasts before they are needed for nursing.  So other mammals have breasts also, just not before they are needed to feed their offspring.  Interesting.

Have you heard of the chest butt theory of breasts?  I saw a TV show once where some guy was speculating that human breasts were an imitation of a butt.  If you doubt this theory, check out boob cleavage compared to butt cleavage.  They are both very similar.

Regardless, we as a species, both male and female, are kind of obsessed with boobs.  So if you came to this blog via a google link for transvestite boobs, have you bothered to check out any of my other pages?

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