Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello again

Well for the past month or so my boy side has been overriding most of my girly tendencies. There have only been a few times since October that I have actually even dressed as a girl. Just about every single weekend I have been out duck hunting with my wife. It has been a blast as well as extremely humorous in that more often than not I have gone duck hunting with my fingernails painted. And you should see the look on the faces of a couple of the fish and game wardens when they see them. One of them, kind of a friend now, told me that one of the other guys is really in a tizzy about it because he just can't seem to figure out what is up with me and my crazy painted fingernails.

I told him to tell the other guy that I do it because I like to paint them as well as enjoying other peoples confusion about my choices. It pleases me to confuse people some times.

I tried just now to find a picture of how I normally have my nails painted but couldn't find one, but I did find this picture of me dressed up:

Black tank top - from Target
Black blouse -
Jeans - Guess
Boots - Nine West

Just to let you know, if I have not already stated so, I love these Guess jeans. They fit great and are super long. I need to make sure the heels I wear with them are long enough to not drag on the ground. I love them.

Well thanks for reading and I hope you all are doing well.

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  1. Nadine

    I like the fact that you like to 'press the envelop'. I would surmise that a hunter with nail polish would seem a tad out of place but it serves the purpose of making others do a little thinking. Even wearing 'camo' we do not all look alike and some 'blend' in better than others.

    I have often thought that I would like hunting but between the long hours at work, family, skiing, fishing, golfing, house work, etc. there was no way to add that type of time commitment to my calendar.

    My older son is an NRA gun lover. He hunts but to my knowledge he basically just sits in the cold woods during deer season. Bambi has proven to be too elusive for him.