Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Body Image

I often read a blog, already pretty, and in it the author, Sal, often discusses body image and how women are often overly obsessed with body image, often in a very negative way.  I have personally met many women who have a very negative view of their own bodies, but recently I heard of a study that surveyed women and found out that many women who are overweight, thought that they had a non-overweight body.

This is an interesting dichotomy.  I can't help but think that this odd duality has to do with our wonderful society, mainly how our media portrays society.  First off media portrays women as all being these stick think with giant boobs.  Then our media says that women are being forced to match an unrealistic body image, so then half of the media start telling women to remember that they are just fine.  So now what we have is still the unrealistic body image portrayed in much of the media, (have you ever noticed how many flat chested women are on TV shows or commercials, um next to none,)  plus we have women being told, no you are just fine the way that you are.

Is either one really a good image to have?  I don't think so.  But not being a woman in this society, I don't really have any answers for what they should do.

I do have some thoughts on myself and my own body image.

First off, any ladies that are reading this, most guys have as many body image issues as you do.  And furthermore I would say that most crossdressers have many body image issues.  Personally I try to be happy with what I can do while dressed as either sex.  I keep myself in shape but am not overly obsessed with weight.  I would like to have different parts of my body look differently, but generally try and stay happy with what I do have.

Men or women, don't let what you have go to waste.

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