Monday, October 17, 2011

Too many outfits

The last time I had blogged I wrote to you about how many outfits i took to monterey. What i realized on this last trip is that I really have a serious problem with packing.

Generally what happens is that I'm unsure of what I want to wear so I end up bringing everything. It always seems to be such a great idea until I actually start having to bring my luggage places.  I have way too much stuff that I have to carry around with me everywhere I go.  I always think it'd be such a great idea to have so many options with me.  But then when I have the opportunity to wear something I'm still unsure of what I should wear.  I mistakenly believe that it will be easier for me to decide on something to wear if I have all of my clothes with me. What ends up happening is that I still don't know exactly which outfit would be the best 1 to wear on any given occasion.
This torment of mine was exemplified the last time that I went on a trip to monterey because I ended up having about 100 different outfits with me at least.  Oh and by the way this was a 3 day trip to monterey that I had easily more than 100 different outfits.  Why would I need more than 100 different outfits for a 3 day trip?  I ended up thinking about it and realizing how ridiculous it was.  I decided  to try on and take a picture of a many of the outfit as I could.  I quit when I got about 30 or 40 different outfits.

It really brought home to me a point that I need to decide what I'm going to wear before I pack for the trip.

I'll try to post some of the pictures of the ridiculous outfits I brought along with me at some point.

I hope you're all well thanks.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hello blog how have you been I have been up for awhile but I thought I would come back and see how things are going.

I'm trying something new with my phone I would like to be able to use this function on my phone that allows me to speak and my phone types it for me. it's really a pretty neat function because I'm surprised by how well it works. Everything that you are being something I've spoken in to my phone and it typed out for me while I'm driving. obviously there are a few errors but overall this is pretty amazing technology. I'm really thrilled that I can actually drive my car and write my blog same time.

I never told you about the trip but I recently took to monterey california. I too way too much.

Ive got yo go.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Im really annoyed today. I had a really crappy weekend. How was yours? Mine sucked. I dont really feel like going into details so blah.