Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Still no phone

Well I don't have a new phone yet. I still haven't decided what I want to get. I wonder if regular guys have such a hard time deciding things also. That seems to me to be more of a feminine quirk than a male one. At least that is how our society portrays it.

After typing that it occurs to me, how exactly am I aware that society portrays things in anyway? I suppose if I were to come up with something, it would be TV. I am taking my ideas of what society says is acceptable from what I view on TV. I wonder how many other people do that. What did people do before TV? Books, newspapers, magazines. Hmm...

It's not as if people go around surveying random other people. Without that sort of input how do we know what exactly other people really do think? Don't we all really just get our opinions of what society thinks from our media?

I think we should go with what we individually think. Of course even with that, I wonder how much our opinions are really valid. How influenced are our opinions by the media we have been exposed to? So is what we think of as our own feelings actually the feelings that a media driven by profits put into us all.

Okay too pontificatious. Nice made up word huh?

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