Thursday, September 8, 2011



I'm in the market for a new phone. Any suggestions?

Yeah, didn't really think so.

Have you heard about Chaz Bono going on Dancing with the stars? I heard about it sometime last week. I also heard that all sorts of people are very upset that he is going onto the show. They are saying things like, they thought it was a family show, that he's not really a he because he hasn't had a complete sex change surgery.

You know I think the truth is that there are people that will never accept a transgender person as the opposite sex. Actually now that I think about I think most people would never accept someone as being the opposite gender from what they were born as, unless they can't tell.

For example, while I have never really encountered anything really negative about me being dressed as a woman, people do tend to treat me as a guy dressed as a girl. Which is exactly what I think I look like. And I have had no surgery to modify me to look more like a girl. And you should see people's reaction when I talk to them, which obviously sounds very much like a man. As I am after all a man and it becomes pretty undeniable at some point. I don't mind this at all, I actually anticipate it and think of it as an eventuality. But what about someone who really does want to change their gender. What if I did have surgery and didn't have guy parts anymore. Would that make people treat me any more like a girl than they do now? I don't think so unless I had some pretty major surgeries. Like, not only genitals, but face, hips, butt, voice (can you do that?)

I think that in order to be really accepted as a woman, everyone needs to look at you and see nothing but woman. Hell some people don’t even think some real women are actually women.
Speaking of women, have you ever noticed how many cross-dressing women they are? No one seems to call them cross-dressers or transvestites, they are just women in pants. Hmm… Interesting.

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