Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just Checking In

Hello folks!

How have you been doing? Have you ever noticed that is our common US greeting? People don't even seem as though they want the answer. Some people ask me that question and then just walk away without hearing the answer. Its a fascinating thing.

I've been pretty busy lately.My job started up again last week. So now my time is being divided again. Obviously nobody at my job knows my other half. And I would prefer that it stays that way. That is really the only reason I won't show my face in my pictures. I'd just rather not have my clientele know what I like to do when I am off the job.

It does bring up an interesting point though. I am curious how many people have been fired for being a trans person. I'll bet quite a few. Wanna share?


  1. In this part of Canada the typical greeting is "Howsitgoin, eh?" My reply is usually along the lines of "aside from some auditory hallucinations, not bad. You?" usually they just respond with "Fine" without any notice of my reply.

    I have a client based business and although one of my colleagues has me figured out, I am sure if some of my clients caught on, they would drop me on the spot.

    Some of my female clients have noticed my nails. I use "Sugar Daddy" by Essie, which is a very transparent shade of pink, and I hear nothing but compliments on them. I think most people who notice don't ask because they don't want to hear the answer!

    You posted earlier that you keep your nails done all the time in a much more obvious fashion than I do. How do you deal with questions about them?


    1. I don't always keep my nails painted, but I do have them painted quite often. I do often get questions, but not nearly as many as I thought I was going to.

      Normally when asked "why do you have your nails painted?" my response is to say "because I like to." What is funny, I think, is that for people who ask, that answer never seems sufficient and they ask why I like to. I then get into some philosophical discussion about why any of us like anything.

      Overall I have been surprised by the whole of humanity with the non or positive response to my nails