Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just Checking In

Hello folks!

How have you been doing? Have you ever noticed that is our common US greeting? People don't even seem as though they want the answer. Some people ask me that question and then just walk away without hearing the answer. Its a fascinating thing.

I've been pretty busy lately.My job started up again last week. So now my time is being divided again. Obviously nobody at my job knows my other half. And I would prefer that it stays that way. That is really the only reason I won't show my face in my pictures. I'd just rather not have my clientele know what I like to do when I am off the job.

It does bring up an interesting point though. I am curious how many people have been fired for being a trans person. I'll bet quite a few. Wanna share?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pregnancy Scare

Do you have children?

I don't. And I'm not really interested in having any. I suppose that is why I have a vasectomy. Well sometimes vasectomies fail and recently I thought that maybe mine had. My wife had some issues and we went to visit her gynecologist. He informed her that she might be pregnant.

After several tests it has been reported that she is not pregnant. At least that is what the stick tests and blood test says, but we still don't know what is wrong with her. She is going to have an ultrasound done sometime soon, so hopefully we will find out what has been going on.

In the meantime not much else has been happening. I've been working hard lately at my job. Lots to do!!

Hope you all have been well.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Went Camping Again

I recently got back from a great camping trip.

Well I guess it started off like crap but eventually it got better.  The fishing was epic.  I don't even knnow how many fish I caught.  I also drank a whole lot of tequila. 

The worst part of the trip was the smell of this rotting garbage we picked up.  See we often go camping on the Kern river and some people apparently think it is okay to dump all kinds of garbage around the various campsites.  One day we picked up like two large garbage bags full of trash and I was feeling really good about it.  I decided to walk up the river to fish and eventually I came to a really pretty campsite with so much garbage I almost started to cry. 

That day it got to me and my wife and I went the next day and picked it all up.  We bagged it all up, carried it up the hillside, packed it into my truck, and took it to a dumpster.   I felt great, but my truck and my clothes smelled so bad.  It was truly disgusting.

I took the entire time off from girlie time, so no new pics.  I hope you all have had a good week!