Monday, July 25, 2011

What a great looking day out there, too bad I'm still doing homework!

It is Monday and here I sit, finding out another way to avoid my homework.  Hmm, unusual, no?  Oh well. 

Here is my outfit for today:

There are only 6 days left in my outfit challenge.  I'm doing pretty well with it.  But I'll tell ya, the anxiety about accomplishing it really hasn't diminished.  I still feel as though I won't be able to accomplish it.  It's foolish, I know, because it will actually be quite simplilstic.  But the feeling is still there. 

Have you ever listened to Dr. Laura Schlesinger?  I think she is off the air now.  She got fired or quit, I'm not sure, for supposedly saying some racist remarks.  Personally I've heard what was said and it really was not what people said it was.  It was typical Dr. Laura.  Anyways, she was very well known for telling whiny people who were explaining in great detail how they felt about a situation that she didn't really care in the least how they felt about something. 

There is right and wrong in the world.  Do what's right, regardless of how you feel.

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