Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A transvestite's Boobs

I have read about more than one person that calls themselves a cross dresser or a transvestite but they want to surgically alter themselves to have boobs.  Many guys also take various forms of drugs to help their breasts grow.  This seems a little past cross dresser status and directly into transexual.  Once someone starts to permanently alter their bodies  I personally say that goes to transexual.  Just my opinon.

I thought I would share with you how I go about creating the illusion of breasts.  The great thing about my method is that I can take off my shirt, as a guy, and not have man boobs!  I can still look like a man when I want to.  Wow.  I know revelatory!

picture 1 - Obviously no shirt, just a typical, albeit in shape, guy.

picture 2 - This is my cleavage bra.  It is a 36A, convertible.  It is form Maidenform.  I don't have fake breasts on.  What I do have is a couple of pairs of cutlets. 

picture3 - In this picture I now have on a shapewear top.  It is pretty tight, which they are supposed to be.  It is a medium.  It is also from Maidenform.

picture 4 - This picture just shows my torso with the above undergarments on with a regular shirt.  From this camera angle my cleavage is not noticeable.

picture 5 - Obviously this is a different top, but everything underneath is the same.  The difference in this picture is a few things.  1 - I pull up my chest skin/pectoral muscles.  2 - The angles of the photo.  3 - This is possibly the most important, the lighting in the photo.

picture 6 - This photo also adds to my cleavage with the necklace that I am wearing in having the pendant rest between my boobs.  It adds to the depth effect.

picture 7 - Another picture where my breasts look very large.  Nothing different has been done, just by moving the camera angle, this shot was achieved.

picture 8 - My last boobs picture.  Again, nothing in my clothing has been changed, the only change was the angle of the camera and hence the angle of the lighting.

There you have it.  I posted these pictures to hopefully show that you don't need to surgically alter your bodies to achieve what you may be wanting.  With a little help from my clothes I can easily gain the illusion of breasts.

BTW this illusion is good enough that when I walk around frequently men talk to me by staring at my chest instead of my face.  I have to say that feels very odd, considering I have no interest in them whatsoever.  As a guy it is very educational though in how obvious it is when someone stares at your boobs.  Some guys are so crass they don't even try to hide it in any way.

Breasts, fascinating.


  1. I guess I'm lucky I got a natural 43 D. The only drugs I ever took was what the doctors gave me for my adhd, and fenugreek for like two weeks to try and fix my cholesterol.

  2. Wow, I'm jealous. But do you still present as a guy? And if so does it pose difficulties for you?

  3. Stunning quest there. What occurred after? Thanks!

  4. Appreciate this post. Let me try it out.