Friday, July 8, 2011

Three Changes

Today I went to several different places and I decided to change my outfit for just about every one of them.  The first outfit for today was:

Top - Guess
Skirt - Guess
Shoes - New Balance

This is what I started off wearing today.  It is easily the shortest skirt I own and I felt a little as though I be showing my chocha. (Check out, Daddy Likey.  She hasn't blogged in about a year or so but it's worth it to look at her blog.)  I really like the skirt but when we went to breakfast and had to sit on a broken up piece of vinyl on the bench.  Ouch!  Then the next thing was my legs totally stuck to it!  Lovely!  Anywho after that we went on a hike.  We forgot water or hats or suntan lotion, but we had a good time.  I also felt a little silly hiking in such a short skirt, but it was so nice when the breezes came up and helped cool me off.

After that we came back and decided to go bowling before we had nail appointments.  So I changed my skirt:

Top - Guess - same from earlier
Shorts - Guess
Flip Flops - Mossimo

I changed my skirt cause I feel a little self conscious when I go and get my nails done in skirts.  We were also going to go bowling so I thought with bending over and throwing a heavy ball I just might be shwoing a little more than I would be comfortable with.  We went to the bowling ally, but it was too crowded and we ended up shopping at a local Goodwill instead.  Woo-Hoo  I got three new things for about 25 dollars.  One of the things is a totally cute little dress that I have absolutely no where to wear it, but oh well, it was like 10 bucks!

We shopped and then got our nails done.  The salon was nicer, I think we can find better, but it was a nice time.  We came back, got dinner reservations and I changed my outfit again:

Top - Guess - the same
Pants - Guess
Shoes - Guess

We had a nice dinner and now I am blogging!  Love it.  Lovely day.  Hope you had a good day also!

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