Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shopping Time!!

July 5th Outfit

July 6th Shopping Outfit
Skirt - Guess
Top - Max Studio - TJMaxx
Flip Flops - Mossimo - Target

Okay so this outfit I wore specifically to go shopping in.  We were out and about shopping at a giant outlet mall today.  I wanted to wear something easy to get on and off while trying on clothes so I wore this top that is so loose and easily put on and off.  The skirt, which is one of my faves, slips on and off so quickly and easily, it is just a pleasure to wear.

July 6th Dinner Outfit

White Top - Guess
Blue under shirt - Espirit
Jeans - Guess
Shoes - Nine West

This outfit is a new one that I got today.  I have been wanting Guess jeans for awhile now and decided it was time to find them.  I really like the colors on them.  I didn't notice it at all, but they are really bleached on the fronts of them and dark on the edges of each side of the leg.  It really makes my legs appear to be very skinny.  I mean my legs are in pretty good shape, but they don't always look thin while in girl clothes.  These jeans really do that.  Wow the little things about clothes!

Okay another weird little thing.  I can buy Guess jeans for guys in size 32 or 31.  But when I buy them in girls clothes, I bought a size 28 today.  Okay, that is weird.  Same comapny, but different sizes for boys and girls.  Hmmm.... Interesting.

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