Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shape Wear

In a previous post, July 7th, I wore a really cute red skirt.  What I neglected to mention on that particular day was that I had a hell of a time trying to find the right shape wear to wear under that thing.  I really like the skirt, but when I bought it I didn't really understand how tight it was and how much would show from whatever, and I mean whatever I wore underneath it.  So I went through about an hours worth of changing through various shape wear items trying to find the right pair that wouldn't show through the skirt.  I thought what I went with was okay, but not the best.  Maybe I should try Spanx?  Have any of you tried them?  What are your thoughts on them?

My wife feels that shape wear items are for girls that are already skinny.  I somewhat agree.  I see her point, which is that when she tries on certain items she gets a little overflow where the garment stops.  That is a problem, but what I think is going wrong is what items she is choosing to wear.  I have found shape wear items that are just a little larger than panties, some that go to my knees, and some that go to my calves.  They also go up higher as well.  I try to match the shape wear to the clothes that I am wearing.

My choice is to wear it.  First of all I generally wear some sort of tighter short boxer like panties.  These help to hold the foam pads I wear to help fill out my hips.  When I wear a skirt I wear longer shorts that go down to about my mid thigh.  These are nice because then I don't wear any panties and have Mr. Happy go down my leg and its not quite as noticeable or as painful as tucking.

Secondly I often wear a tight tank top.  The tight tank top combined with a padded A bra and some cutlets is my personal secret to gaining some cleavage.  Here is a tip for putting on a tight fitting tank top, but it only works for small hipped girls or guys.  Don't put it on over yoru shoulders, which are often larger in guys.  Pull it up from your feet.  It's much nicer.

Okay I am way tired and have no idea if what I am typing is spelled correctly or makes any sense at all!!!

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