Thursday, July 7, 2011


Do you know what SFMOMA stands for?  I didn't until today.  My wife and I went to there, which is the San Francisco museum of modern art.  They currently have the Stein collection and we went to see it and the rest of the museum.  I can highly recommend it.  Well worth the cost.  It is a very substantial museum.  But I do have to say, what is up with modern art?  It is something I really don't get, for the most part.  I did learn today the difference of modern art vs. contemporary art.  Interesting.  Hmm...

Okay so the outfit I wore to the museum for July 7th is:

Shoes - Converse
Jeanrs - LEI - Target
Black Top - Myth NYC
Blue Top - Espirit

I know, I wore the same blue tank yesterday, but it is so cute and such a strong pop of blue.  Wonderful!  I love it.  I chose this outfit for today as it was pretty comfy for walking around the city and the museum.  Boy my legs get so tired walking around museums.  I really like them, museums that is, but I am always surprised by how tired my legs get!

We came back and I changed into this outfit before dinner:

Shirt - Guess
Skirt - Charlotte Russe
Shoes - Merona

This skirt is a new one I got while shopping yesterday.  I really like it, it gives me a great shape.  I really like stretchy skirts.  The hug the skinniest part of my waist, and hug in on my knees, which is great!  The only thing I don't like about the skirt is that it shows every single seem from whatever you are wearing underneath.  I think it would be a great skirt to wear with no undies!  But for me, that would not be so good!  So shape-wear to the rescue!  I personally love my various shape-wear items.  I should write about that someday.  I have so many shape-wear items that are invaluable!  Love it!

Oh, bonus picture of my butt.  Sorry, but the skirt really makes my butt look so good, I had to show it off!


  1. I realize that I am posting a comment on a blog note that is a year old but last month I bought those exact same Merona/Target wedges, faux leather cut out top.
    They are fairly comfortable. Just a little pinch over the big toe that should resolve with some breaking in time. Target normally only sizes to 11. If it is a leather shoe I can wear an 11W. Regular width 11s that are not leather tend to be tight.
    I really like the black top/red skirt combination.

  2. Thanks Pat. I love that red skirt and I still enjoy those shoes. I often feel very fortunate to have the foot size that I do. In men's shoes I fit best into a 9 4W. That tends to be the most comfy. In women's shoes I can fit in shoes from a 9 1/2 to a 10 or so. I LOVE that I can go into any standard shoe store and generally find shoes in my size. I do find that leather is much more forgiving.