Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Hair!

Day 19 of my challenge and I wore this:

Black Top - Myth NYC
Tank - Charlotte Russe
Jeans - Guess
Shoes - Nine West
Hair - Rene of Paris, Amore designer series - Miranda

I know that you can't see it very much in the picture but I am wearing my new hair.  I just got it the other day and I really like it.  I have the same wig in black but I think I look much more natural as a blond.  Its funny, for a long time I avoided blond.  I kind of always thought it was very typical.  You know the tranny thats dressed up as a little blond tart.  That was one and the other thing was that I thought I would get more looks from people if I was parading around as a blond.  So I avoided it.  I have had many blond wigs over the years but I never really felt comfortable in them. 

Recently though I have decided that I just don't care what others may think and besides I look much better as a blond.  Back when I actually had my own hair, it was blond.  Pretty dang close to the color of the wigs I currently buy.  Interesting, no? Obvious, maybe?

The other thing I was pondering today was acceptance.  I think that is what I am experiencing more with myself the older I get.  Maybe its not acceptance, maybe it is just knowing who I am.  I'm not sure, maybe I'm too tired and full of beef, we just had a hugey huge dinner.

I think this is a topic for another day as I just typed and erased like five sentences trying to say what I am thinking about so blah......

Hope you are well.


  1. Do people notice your shoulders?

    1. Probably, but I think I notice them more than others do.

      Shoulders are a tough thing to disguise. I try to minimize them through choosing certain types of clothing. A V-neck top helps to elongate the top of the torso and makes wide shoulders look slimmer. A scoop neck top tends to make the space seem larger and thus bigger.

      Many cross dressers try to minimize the appearance of their shoulders by wearing larger breast forms. I personally really dislike this look, at least on myself. I think it makes people look overweight. In order for the breasts to be large enough to make the shoulders appear smaller, the breasts need to be quite large, disturbingly large. Large breasts are sure to attract more attention than large shoulders will.