Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Last Minute Outfit

I had other things to do today and I did not get around to trying on an outfit until this evening.  I went to my dresser, thought about a skirt I wanted to wear, one of my favorite Guess skirts.  Which actually used to be The Favorite Guess skirt, but I got another, if not two more.  I really like Guess.  I think it is a mental thing as to me it seems very girly, and I love when I can fit into their clothes.  Now that I think about it, another thing I like about Guess clothes is that they are very girly.  I know  I just repeated myself, but its true, I think of Guess as girly, but the clothes themselves are indeed girly.  The styling, the cut, the embellishments, I just love em!

Now the shirt is a different opinion for me.  I like the under the boob strap.  It squeezes me at my smallest point.  But I think it is a little flowey.  It tends to hang away from my belly and makes me look a little chunky.  Which I am not.  So I am unsure about the shirt.

Hope you had a good day.

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