Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Hello folks.  Today is the 4th of July and I did next to nothing.  I did go rafting down my local river but it was not fun today at all.  Have you ever noticed how when you're unhappy fun things just aren't fun?  Well that is basically what was going on today.  So blah!

Okay I tried on two outfits today.  It is the same skirt in both outfits with a different top.  One of them the top is loose and over the skirt and the other is a tighter top with it tucked into the skirt.  This skirt is one of my favorites ones as it is tight and stretchy.  I like how it cuts in at my stomach and my knees.  It really helps give the impression that I have hips, which is neat.

So those are my two outfits for today's requirement for the July challenge.  Oh can you see my new pair of shoes?  They are Guess, platform, and my tallest pair of heels.  I am so darn tall with those shoes on.  I got them at TJMax for about $32.  What a steal!!!  I tried them on and left them.  Then for the next two days I thought and thought about those cute shoes.  Eventually I had to go back and buy them.  I mean really, Guess platform shoes that fit, are cute, and actually hurt my feet less than a lot of other shoes I own!  Here is a closeup.

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  1. Oh my gosh- what super cute outfits!! Love the shoes! You are a hotty! You look so slim yet hippy in the skirt and tank top. Can't wait to see the next outfit. Good luck with the challenge! :)