Sunday, July 31, 2011

Good for Me!

Good for me because today is the final day of my personal challenge!  And I not only met my challenge I exceeded it.  I'm not sure how many outfits I actually did.  I think I should count.

Today's outfit:

Okay so I counted and it ended up being 42 different outfits.  I have to double check still that they were all different.  But I think they were.  Originally I did the challenge to combat my anxiety over choosing an outfit.  I thought since I felt anxious about it I would challenge myself to do one outfit per day for the entire month of July.  That would have made 31 outfits.  I actually outdid that by 11.  You know by the end I felt less anxious and now I actually have a much better idea about what looks good on me.

That's done.  What next?  Hmm I haven't thought of that yet. 

Hope you are well.

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