Wednesday, April 27, 2011


    One of the largest problems with being a transvestite is the amount of clothes that I have.  I told you all earlier that I built myself a dresser.  I thought I would share with you how exactly I store all of the clothes that I have.

 This is both of my dressers.  The small one is for my guy clothes and the larger one is obviously for my girl clothes.  
 This is from inside my small dresser.
So I say that the small dresser is for my guy clothes and this is from my small dresser, but if you can tell, those don't look like male clothing items.  And that would be because its my underwear drawer.  This is actually filled with women's underwear.  I started wearing women's underwear full time so long ago I don't really think of it as girl underwear, its just my underwear.  

 So this is the top drawer of my large dresser.  It holds all of my bras and various padded items.

 The top of my large dresser lifts up and is actually a hidden jewelry box.

 The second drawer holds all of my socks, and stockings, and spanx like items.  Do you have spanx clothing?  If not you should really get some shapewear!  It is wonderful!

 The third drawer holds my shortsleeve items.

 The next drawer hold my long sleeve shirts.
 The second to last drawer holds my wigs and sweaters.
 Ooops I thought the last drawer was second to last, actually this one is.  This holds some light dresses, shorts, skirts, and fleece pants.
 This is the last drawer and shows several boxes of breast inserts and my guy jeans for working in the yard.

I hope you have enjoyed my dressers.  Most of my clothes are contained very nicely in these two items.  In the future I will show you my closet, which actually is not very exciting at all.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Red Shoes

SO I have this great picture of my legs in some really nice shoes, but currently Blogger will not upload my photo.  I'm not really sure if it is blogger or my really wonderful internet connection.  I have found that to be a tough thing to deal with while trying to keep up with my blog.  I know I have nothing but excuses as to why I can't write more than I do, but the poor internet connection thing really sucks.

I used to live in a very urban area where I had blazing fast DSL connectivity.  Oh it was so nice.  That was about 7 years ago now.  That is a wild thought, I had a faster internet connection 7 years ago.

Ok,  so I got it to work.  Do you like my shiny red shoes?  I sure do and I think my legs look good also.  Love the kitchen carpet in the background of the photo.  I gottta start taking better pictures for me to post.

Take Care World!