Friday, January 14, 2011


Sometimes I just feel as though if I had twice as many hours in a day I could probably get done with everything that I would like to.  But alas, I know that is pure folly.  There will never be enough time in each day to do what I would like to.  I tend to be a very motivated person who ends up always having way too much to do.  I think that what I do is figure out how much time I have and then fill it with about five hours too much stuff.

I never had any intention of blogging every day and yet I think about it.  I think, gosh I should blog, I would like to blog, I need to blog, and then other things come up.  So day after day slips by and I don't get to it and then before I know it weeks have passed and I haven't done it.

So here I am, blogging about time.  Do you have more control over your use of time than I do?  Or are you like me?

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